Thursday, 15 September 2011

Civic links

Some time ago I asked Cornwall Council about the £509.94 spent on "gifts and hospitality" in pursuit of the chairman's civic duties. Here's the answer:
"The Chairman keeps a small stock of civic gifts that she gives to visitors to the Council. This is something that all Council Chairmen have done over the years, paid from the Chairman's budget. In her civic role the Chairman welcomes all sorts of people to County Hall, including visitors from foreign countries. Some give her a gift as a symbol of friendship; it is important, and polite, that she reciprocates. In April the Chairman ordered some pairs of St Piran flag cufflinks, made of Cornish tin from a local company, at a cost of £34 each (this price includes VAT and a discount from the supplier). 15 pairs were originally ordered, but five pairs were then returned - leaving the Council with 10 pairs."
So far six have been "awarded" to the governor and assistant governor of Austria, the secretary of the Royal Cornwall Show and three senior military officers. There are four pairs left.

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