Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Pat 1 - 0 Alec

Readers from outer space might be new to this: there has been a bit of tussle between Cornwall Council's leader, councillor Alec Robertson, and the council's chairman, councillor Pat Harvey, over who should be front-and-centre when the Olympic torch starts its cross country procession from Land's End in May.

Well, the council just voted to write to LOCOG (London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games) asking that if anyone gets an invite to the Olympic torch procession, it should be the civic leader of the council. Even though it was the political leader of the council who found £80,000 of his contingency fund to support the ceremony. A suggestion that the Lord Lieutenant should get the gig, provided he wears full regalia, attracted the support of only two votes. Several councillors abstained.

Before the voting was complete, but once it was clear that an amendment which would have given Pat a role "only if invited" had been defeated, the council helpfully sent this Tweet: "It's worth remembering there isn't a formal role for CC at the Olympic Torch ceremony, it's up to LOCOG who meets the torch."

Councillor Doris Ansari successfully suggested a further amendment, making it clear that the council should positively solicit an invitation for Pat, not Alec.


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